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India is described by some people as incredible, some named it as exclusive and some called it miraculous and unparalleled. Reasons behind all these names include country’s unique geographical and cultural features and breathtaking attractions that make it unmatched all over the world. Every year there are a lot of tourists who come to experience the uniqueness of the country. The incredible India tourism never fails to please the tourists with the amazing landscapes and attractions of the country and leaves no stone unturned to offer a delightful lifetime experience..

High Mountain Adventure

Mountaineering is the unmutilated adventure for the body and soul. Indian tourism offers a vital range of mountaineering opportunities in its mountain ranges of Ladakh a beautiful snow-capped peaks, lush green alpine vales; flower-strewn meadows; meandering tributaries and river streams and glacier-topped mountains; the Nun-Kun Massif in Jammu & Kashmir; in the hills of Manali in Himalayas and Uttaranchal.

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High Mountain Houseboats

Most of India’s houseboats can be found on lakes in the Jammu and Kashmir regions. Dhotis are traditional white cloths worn by men; the cloth is wrapped around the body and tucked between the legs. Buddhists use prayer bells during worship- it's believed that shaking the bells wards away evil spirits while attracting kindly ones. A visit to India reveals a country with a captivating past and a promising future.

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